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Present in many everyday products, including cosmetics, endocrine disruptors are natural or artificial substances that have a resemblance to hormones - they are close in their structure. They are accused of interfering with the body by blocking or blocking the body's receptors that are intended for the real hormones. Natural hormones do not work properly anymore.

Endocrine disruptors could therefore alter the functions of the hormonal system and cause adverse effects on health, including diseases and abnormalities (growth disorders, decreased fertility, cancers, genital malformations in boys, early puberty in girls).

A rather alarming finding knowing that absorption by the skin is 10 times greater than absorption by food. Exposure to endocrine disruptors in young children is also measurable: traces of dozens of toxic products have been found in the hair of a panel of children aged 10 to 15, according to a study published in 2017 by 60 million consumers.

Revelations that do not leave indifferent: between collective awareness, health crises and environmental concern, new needs appear. Those of a cosmetic "cleaned" of any substance potentially harmful to health and respectful of the environment.



After having contributed to the development of the first national strategy on endocrine disruptors, France asked the High Council of Public Health to give an opinion on the second National Strategy at the end of 2018. The objective, among other things, is to make more visible the problem of endocrine disruptors. A social issue that already finds an answer thanks to the innovations of Rampal Latour.

In order to minimize the exposure of younger users to endocrine disruptors, Rampal Latour applies the precautionary principle in its new range, excluding a list of potentially toxic ingredients, as wide as possible. Rampal Latour innovates by proposing toilet care excluding formulas of more than 180 allergens, more than 90 endocrine disruptors and, in packaging, more than 8 endocrine disruptors.

True to its philosophy, Rampal Latour brings a new solution of hygiene and prevention in everyday life. As a shield to protect the future life and allow the world to feel good about itself.



Today it is difficult to measure the impact of endocrine disrupting agents on our organism, in particular their effect in the medium and long term. In fact, potential illnesses and hormonal problems only appear several years after our bodies have been exposed to these substances. 

According to the DOHaD* theory, the dice are thrown during the first 1000 days of a human’s life, between conception and the age of 2. Numerous scientists continue to study this theory today.  


What is certain is that the most permeable skins are those of babies and pregnant women. As it is immature, the skin of a baby absorbs higher quantities of a product and yet can only offer it a very fragile protection to external aggression, such as that of allergens, nano-materials and endocrine disrupting agents. As for the skin of pregnant women, it too is rendered more fragile due to the higher levels of hormones present. Yet is it through the skin that these ingredients risk being passed and therefore reaching the foetus in gestation, a period during which the majority of the baby’s organs are forming.



According to Professor Virginie Migeot, the public health officer at the University Teaching Hospital in Poitiers, during an interview with the Nouvelle République on 26 April 2018, stated that “Even mere traces of substances can affect the organism”. 

It is thus primordial, vital even, to limit the risk, and therefore to apply the principle of precaution.

It is the mother’s role to avoid any danger or risk to herself and to her baby. 

Here at Rampal Latour, we have set ourselves the mission to place in your hands effective, safe products, that exclude all known substances that today are considered a risk, in accordance with the Safelife** benchmark.


*DOHaD: Developmental origins of health and disease. Concept developed from the results of the English scientists research, among whom David Barker the epidemiologist who was at the origin of the “Barker hypothesis”, a hypothesis according to which everything which happens during prenatal development has a direct impact on health in the long term and on the development of chronic illnesses after the birth of a child.  

** Not-for-profit company, whose experts develop the lists of ingredients which are potentially dangerous to health and which they recommend excluding from formulae, in accordance with the principle of precaution. 

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Our products are made up of a maximum of natural ingredients from organic agriculture within the framework of an ethical approach.  

Our products have been specially formulated to be particularly suitable for pregnant women and babies, thanks to the application of the principle of precaution applied to endocrine disturbing agents and allergens. 

Our products have been subjected to more than 18 Clinical Tests carried out by independent laboratories. 

Principe de précaution - Rampal Latour Safelife Bébé - Sans nanomatériaux - sans parfum - sans alcool