Rampal Latour


A committed and responsible company, for over 190 years, Rampal Latour has been improving its know-how to improve the lives of its contemporaries and to make the world feel good about itself. For us, being good about yourself is more than just an expression, it's our reason for being.

Ultimate barrier and envelope of oneself, our skin protects us less well when it is attacked. Dry, irritated, sensitized, it can convey a deep discomfort. That is why, by acting regularly, preventively and simply, Rampal Latour products innovate to keep it healthy, through the daily vital gestures, such as those of the toilet.

Listening to the new challenges of everyday life - pollution, weather, endocrine disruptors, stress, etc. Rampal Latour offers natural answers and confidence for the person and for nature. It is this trust that is increasingly sought after by parents, to preserve the health capital of their children from birth, and that we want to give them.


Perfume, Nanomaterials, Allergens, Sulfates, EDTA, PEG, Paraben, Alcohol, Colouring agents FREE

Labelled Safelife* : Standard applying the precautionary principle to endocrine disruptors and allergens

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard & dermatologically tested, Hypoallergenic




Gamme Bébé Safelife Rampal Latour - Principe de Précaution


For us, to allow everyone to be comfortable in their skin, we work to…


  • Incarnate the tradition of an expertise that is unceasingly renewed: and for so doing was awarded the label of an Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage company), Rampal Latour guarantees that its products are natural yet resolutely innovative.
  • Listen more and more carefully to its clients: Rampal Latour surrounds itself with experts who anticipate the progress to be made to enable everyone to be at ease in their skin. 

Une formulation la plus pure possible - Safelife Rampal Latour - Exclusion d'allergènes et perturbateurs endocriniens


Today we are in fact all very concerned by the results of studies of endocrine-disrupting agents, which unfortunately are omnipresent in day-to-day products:- What is their real impact on our organism? Knowing that absorption through the skin is 10 times higher than though our nutrition. Knowing that pregnant women and babies are the most vulnerable people in this domain. 

Strengthened by our expertise in the cleansing and preservation of our skin (discover here  our fabulous history of Marseille Soap to be gentle to skin), we have surrounded ourselves with a team of scientists - botanists, dermatologists and toxicologists - able to work and satisfy these new expectations regarding safety and effectiveness. 

The result of this work is a range of 7 tested products labelled Safelife*.  These products are formulated to exclude substances that cause concern and are listed as such by Safelife, for both mothers and babies. They therefore satisfy the needs of the most delicate skins and are perfectly suitable for use by all the family.


>> To learn more about the precaution principle


* Not-for-profit company whose experts list ingredients that are potentially dangerous to our health and which they recommend being excluded from formulae as a precautionary principle.